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We always like to work with new exciting brands and time to time offer our services to incubate and seed brands to the UK market. To this end we can work as an agency to build brands in the retail sector.

These are our current Agency Brands...

Rhum St Barth bottle

Rhum St Barth

Rhum St Barth was established by Severine and Mikael Silvestre in 2010. Rhum St Barth celebrates island living with rhum taking centre stage in cocktails, featuring a range of non-AOC Agricole expressions from the French Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe.

Marshall gin bottle

Marshall Gin

Timeless London Dry Gin - It all started out with guitar amplifiers that have in many ways shaped the music industry and music history as we know it.

The attention to detail that goes into creating our legendary amps has been applied to our London Dry Gin.

Oath Gin bottle

O/\TH Gin

O/\TH Gin is made with a family formula, a special recipe inspired by both world-renowned athletes. The idea of the unique formula draws inspiration from oats in Valtteri Bottas’ family fields in Finland

After rum bottle

/\fter Rum.

A true feel good rum drink, made in the Caribbean for carefree moments wherever and with whoever.

Sly Dog rum bottle

Sly Dog Rum.

We produce our rums from three distilleries - one in The Dominican Republic and the others in Jamaica. Our stunning Dominican rum is aged for three years, once matured it is then blended with the other two rums and delivered to the UK.

Nykur Vodka bottle

Nykur Vodka

Based in Denmark. Made with volcanic mountain water from the Faroe Islands.

Award winning Vodka

Skin Gin bottle

Skin Gin

Skin Gin is available in 3 original Editions, Reptile Brown, Anthracite Grey and Blanc Edition.

Fat Trout whisky bottle

The Fat Trout

Based in Scotland.

The Fat Trout Lowland Single Malt Whisky

The Fat Trout Speyside Single Malt

The Fat Trout Blended Scotch.

Seaweed Gin bottle

The Newfoundland Distillery Company

Based in Clarke's Beach, Newfoundland, Canada. Founded by Williams Carter and Peter Wilkins in 2016. Produces a range of award winning gins, rums, aquavit, vodka and whisky. Gunpowder & Rose rum and Seaweed gin available in UK